Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wed Dec 30th 2009: Boston Marathon 2010???

So if you have been reading my blog you will see that I officially announced I would not be running the Boston Marathon for the Arthritis Foundation this spring and would be looking for a different marathon. It was a hard decision but the right one with school...that is until everything changed today.
I am very excited to say I will be running the 2010 Boston Marathon. I will be running with and for the Newton Fire Department. Bryan said "these are worth millions" as he held the number out in front of me and I gave him a hug. I will be fundraising for Newton Fire with a goal of $1000. Please watch for emails from me, I won't have a website but will explain how donations can be maid. (basically I will be collecting them and then turning them in).
Now I need to get rid of this cold and then I can start seriously training.

Tues Dec 29th: still sick

My goal for Tuesday was a run and Group Centergy. I woke up still feeling very blah from my cold so decided to rest for the day. I spend my day on the couch sleeping as much as possible before work...which didn't really help since I went to work with no voice.

Mon Dec 28th, 2009: Start lifting before the New Year

I work in a me I am well aware of New Years resolutions. So my goal is add strength training back into my regular training schedule. I did it all last spring regularly and I feel it made a huge difference with my runs. I am fighting a cold but through sweating it out might help...I did Brian's painful workout check it out below.
I do the exercises in pairs alternating back and forth until 3 sets of each has been accomplished:
Bulleted List
  • Chest Press on ball
  • Pull Backs
  • Skull Crushers
  • Bench crunches

  • butterflies on ball
  • knees to chest on ball

  • butterflies seated
  • scissor kicks

  • overhead press
  • 1 hand deadlift

  • pendulums

Sun. Dec 27th 2009: Swenson Family work out or to eat??

Well today was our Swenson family Christmas! This is a great day full of fun, laughter and lot's of food. Hmmm running before going to eat probably should have happened. I tried to balance it in while cooking for the day and getting ready to hit the road before it got too late. But it didn't happen. I instead opted for Scott Herman's ab routine (the one I posted the other day) which yet again has made my abs scream at me!!! Thanks Scott!! :)
After having done this I joined all but one cousin, we missed you Sarah, who we still got to talk to on the phone while she is in Australia. (I have since gotten her bbm # so I can text her on a regular basis which I love!). Check out all the family below...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sat. December 26th, 2009

Today I was able to fit some cross-training in very briefly. I used the pre-core for 30 minutes tonight working on my cardio. I know it is not the same as running and I do need to start lifting again as well but this worked for today. :)

Fri Dec. 25th, 2009: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody. I did not run today but had a wonderful day with family and friends.

Wed. Dec 23, 2009 - Cursing out Scott!

Ok so this morning was an ab workout day because I didn't have time to get in for a lift before work. But I am slowly returning to my regular workouts. Now to figure out what marathon I am running in the spring... I have finally officially decided not to run the 2010 Boston Marathon for the Arthritis Foundation. This is a cause that is incredibly important to me however I cannot balance the fundraising with nursing school I still need a spring marathon so I am starting to research them and find one.

My workout this morning consisted of 2 full sets of Scott Herman's ab exercise routine for the holiday's! He made me wanna cry!! haha - thanks Scott!
So here is what I did for my workout today:

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tues. Dec 22, 2009: It's time to train again

I know there is a theme going on but it truly is time to train again. I don't have a number for the Boston Marathon yet and may not be running it for the first time in 5 years. This makes me very sad but I know I cannot possibly fundraise $3000 while working and going to school full time. So in order to stay motivated it is time to pick out another spring marathon.......idea's anyone?
This morning I layered up and headed out for a run. I didn't bring my watch but ran 3 miles heading out on familiar ground towards Comm Ave.
The run felt great despite the cold and I was warm within minutes. Now to get some consistency in my workouts....I would choose the week of Christmas to do try and do this!

Thur. Dec. 17th 2009: running out frustrations

Ok so I was grumpy tonight. It has been a very long week at work and sometimes people are just dumb and mean. It was time for me to go for a run! I considered running outside but I just couldn't imagine all the layers so I decided to suck it up and find a treadmill. I ran 3 miles not quite sure of my pace except I probably should have started slower since I haven't run since Philadelphia but oh well.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fri December 11th, 2009: Finals Ate My Life

"Finals Ate My Life" that say's it all. I haven't done anything this week and my eating habits have been awful (apparently cookie dough is not a main food group and as delicious as it is you must be running too to have it!). I have had exams and papers like crazy! The good news is all the worse parts are out of the way!! My Sociology group rocked our presentation today and who knows how that Ethics final went, I think Father John liked me today so I should be all set. I have one final left on Tuesday. I may try to run between studying tomorrow but if I don't I refuse to feel guilty about it. Come Tuesday everyone can start to give me a hard time again!

Monday December 7, 2009: still working on returning

I am still getting back into the swing of things for working out and recovery from the marathon. Today was 20 minutes on the pre-core while studying for times.

Wednesday Dec 2, 2009: Apparently the free weights aren't just a part of my tour

Yup apparently that free weight area - it's not just a part of my tour when I am doing membership sales at work. It is also there for me to use. Hmm. I went in today to try this whole weight lifting routine....again. I made it through half my workout today - not bad since it is still probably a bit early for me to be lifting post-marathon.
Chest Press x 3 sets
Bench Crunches
Pull Backs x 3 sets
Bench Crunches - diamond's
Skull Crushers x 3 sets
Bench Crunches x 3 sets
Butterflies on ball x 3 setsLeg Raises
Butterflies seated x 3 setsScissor Kicks x 3 sets

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday 1 Dec 2009: Return to Cross Training

This morning was my return to cross-training for the first time since the marathon just over a week ago. It was short and sweet, just enough to get the blood flowing and to get rid of any extra energy before 3 hours of lecture today!
I did 20 minutes of the precore and felt great. Yup that's about it.