Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I went running in a skirt!

I've been slacking lately.  It's not that I'm not running I'm averaging  four 3 mile runs a week...that's the problem nothing about 3 miles.  I think it's time for me to get my butt in gear and remember what I do this for.  (I needed a pep talk the other night...not even from a runner but definitely a supportive person in my life).  I haven't picked which marathon to do in the spring and it will have to go around the May Reach The Beach weekend (first appearance in Mass for team Chasing tail!!!) but I have to find one.
Today I came home with a new sense of determination and motivation - 4 miles no matter what.  It was a perfect running day....skirt and sports bra, light mist for the first half mile.  Funny thing's the end of November and I live in New England.   I felt like I was dragging my entire run but my pace was good.  Stats below:

Total:  4 miles in 37:40
Mile 1: 9:30.62 
Mile 2: 9:02.96 
Mile 3: 9:27.55 
Mile 4: 9:37.20