Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sun Jan 17th, 2010: Sunday morning tradition

I started a few weeks ago doing Group Centergy every Sunday morning. So far I have been doing pretty good sticking to this theory.

Sat Jan 16th, 2010...Dear World Of Bad Influence

"Dear World of Bad Influences, Can you please return my running partner to me? At least leave him be on Friday nights so I can have him to run with Sat mornings? I miss him and 8 miles by myself is boring. Thank you Kristina"
This was my facebook status last night because Bob was going to play poker which means no run for him in the morning. BOOOO
Today I headed out by myself to cover an 8 mile run. I did a short loop around the river and then headed out towards Comm Ave. Although I was out there by myself I am lucky enough to live in Newton 2 miles from the Boston Marathon course...this means one thing...everyone is out there training! Although I didn't see any familiar faces today there was enough people out running I didn't feel the least bit lonely. I even survived the 8 miles by myself without my ipod which died at mile 1. (apparently you are supposed to charge the ipod...who knew?!)

Below are my run stats:


Distance: 8 miles Time: 1:15 Average pace: 9:37min/mi


  • Mile 1: 9:38.64
  • Mile 2 10:04.44
  • Mile 3 9:37.17
  • Mile 4 9:37.64
  • Mile 5 9:38.16
  • Mile 6 9:41.25
  • Mile 7 9:31.20
  • Mile 8 9:28.76

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thur Jan 14th, 2010: No run AND migraine??

Yes not one run this week. This is awful!! Tuesday I had work and choose lunch with brother over my run. To me spending time with Brian before he headed back to his last semester of school was more important than Tuesday's run.

Today is migraine, bailed on my run - sorry Jess!

Sun. Jan 10th, 2010: Group Centergy

I am on my second week in a row of performing Group Centergy at home. Although it is a little challenging to drag myself out of bed early I love the feeling of having accomplished this before going to work for the day!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sat Jan 9th, 2010: Making Bob Run

Well I miss my running partner! I need him back out there running with me so I forced him into joining me for a short run today. We headed out around the Charles River to run 4 miles. The run was good, it's always fun to run with Bob. Details are below:

Distance: 3.88 mi
Total Time: 36:15.17
Average Pace: 9:20 min/mi
Mile 1: 9:21.58
Mile 2: 9:23.03
Mile 3: 9:16.79
Mile 4: 8:13 77

I only had to tell Bob once during our run that I would be completely OK with NOT running an 8:30 min/mi pace for the rest of the run!!!

Thur Jan 7th, 2010: treadmill

I am finding Thursday's to be a tough day with school. I get up early and go to lecture then straight to work so running has to happen at like 4:30AM or 9:00PM. Ugh to both times but the training must happen. Thanks to one of my running partners, Jess Zahka, we hit the treadmill together. I survived 3.5miles on the treadmill at a 9:20 min/mi pace before I ended for the night.

Wed, Jan. 6th, 2010: Lifting again?

Yup that's right I am back in the weight room! I'm beginning to think I am nuts and would like to take this moment to curse Brian McGivern out yet again. (I call him plenty of bad names whenever I am lifting...he say's it's the thought that counts!)

Here is the routine...same as always. I do the exercises alternating back and forth between them until 3 sets are done of each then I move onto the next.

  • chest press on ball
  • pull backs

  • skull crushers
  • bench crunches

  • butterflies on ball
  • knees to chest on ball

  • butterflies seated
  • scissor kicks

  • overhead press
  • 1 hand deadlift

  • pendulums

Tues, Nov. 5th, 2010: Running outside in the cold

It's training time so I layered up the clothes and headed off to do a run. I needed to put in a comfortable 4 miles this morning and headed out on the road.
Details are below:
Total Distance: 3.91mi
Time: 38:17.29
Average Pace: 9:47min/mi
Mile 1: 9:53.14
Mile 2: 10:22.12
Mile 3: 9:39.85
Mile 4: 8:22.18

course: Starting at Forever Fit out to Commave and back!

Mon Jan 4th, 2010: Back to school?!

Well no workout happened today but returning to school did. I was in class at 8AM for 5 hours to be immediately followed by work. I am slightly overwhelmed by what is to come my way with nursing school but know this is a huge step in my life!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sun Jan 3rd, 2010: Group Centergy on my own...

This morning I started what I am hoping to make a regular Sunday routine. I want to do Centergy class every Sunday morning. Unfortunetly the class at the gym is while I am working. I did however get to borrow one of the instructor's DVD's so I can do it on my own. I dragged myself out of bed this morning, inhaled some coffee and got all set up. I actually felt great doing Centergy this morning (as I knew I would) and think this will fit nicely into my Sunday's. There is more shoveling to be done tonight and my first day of classes for 2nd semester is tomorrow.

Sat Jan 2nd, 2010: Time on the dreadmill

Happy New Years!!! A new year has started and although working out is not a new years resolution for me it is time for me to get my butt in gear for training for the marathon! We were having quite the snowstorm today...I kept putting off doing my run hoping the roads and weather would clear up. It wasn't happening and I am still fighting a cold so it was off to run on the dreaded treadmill. I managed to survive 3.5miles of Grey's Anatomy and infomercials (which are dangerous because I now want everything I saw them selling!).
Here are the details:
Total Distance: 3.5 Miles
Time: 35:00 minutes
Pace: 10:00min/mi
Weather: Snowy outside but dry inside ;)
Location: on the treadmill