Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Goal: be a fit mom.... what I get " you're already skinny"

My goal right now is to be a fit and healthy mom.  I've gone back to my running and am slowly increasing the mileage.  Now I have started on the 30 day beach body challenge Piyo to increase my strength.  (I hate the gym and really despise weight training...I get bored).   If I can motivate others while I am at - even better.
Recently I had a conversation with a girlfriend of mine who is also a new mom about my workouts.  She made the comment about how I'm already skinny I don't need to workout anymore.  (To be fair, she is not the only person who has said this to me.  She just happened to say it most recently).  This comment made me stop and think.  Yes I really would love to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans and still be able to breathe and move.  But that isn't my focus right now.  My focus is to be fit and healthy, not just "skinny".  And how is it we live in a society where that is the first thing we notice when someone is really stepping up their workouts?  I have to remind myself daily that my goals are to set a good example for my family.
As far as being skinny...not a word I love because unfit unhealthy people can be skinny.  I may be thin post-baby and becoming fit.  However I am the size I am because I work hard.  I'm up running before it gets too hot pushing a baby jogger.  I do my strength training often when my daughter is on her activity mat beside me with interruptions.  This is all hard work so yes I do need to keep working out in order to stay fit.  Now if I could just master the healthy eating....

Thursday, August 6, 2015

starting Piyo with my running

I said in my last post my goal is to be a fit mom and add strength to my runs.  This morning had to be a fast run (I tried to sneak out the door by myself but my daughter woke up).  I got in a 2 mile run with sub 10 minute miles for the first time since I got pregnant.  And then this afternoon I did the first workout from the Piyo workout series by Beachbody.  This workout was just the fundamentals so I know what I am doing in the other workouts...and I feel it in muscles that I never remember to stretch!  Doing the double workouts a day could go one of two ways...I become a stronger runner with more flexibility or 2 - I am no longer able to move.  I am really hoping it's 1 and I become a stronger runner adding flexibility and strength.  We will see what the next few days bring and how I am able to fit the workouts along with my daily routine in.

Changing times...

Times are changing and so is my fitness focus.  In March I gave birth to my daughter and that changes everything!!  I am still out there running and focusing on being fit however the focus is no longer just marathons.  I hope someday to return to Boston and run my 10th full marathon, and I am sure there will be more to follow after #10.  But for now my focus has become leading a fit and healthy life style.  
The one thing I've learned in the last 5 months is that Mom's are busy!!!!  I am lucky enough to be home with my daughter most of the time but still trying to fit in workouts is a challenge.  Thankfully recently we got the Bob jogging stroller and that has made my runs much easier to get in and I am more consistent getting out the door.  However trying to strength train is another challenge I have yet to overcome.  I convinced my husband to do a 30 day squat and ab challenge with me - he's not loving it.  But that is at least a start.
Hopefully blogging and joining a 30 day fitness challenge group will help me stay on track since I will now be held accountable!