Monday, March 25, 2013

A Change in Focus??

Can it be?  That right after I declare I need to pick a new marathon that I want to change my focus for my training?  Well maybe change isn't the correct word for what I want.  This morning the love of my life asked me to marry him to which of course I said YES!  So now I want to run a marathon in the fall but I also want to be ready to look stunning in a wedding dress sooner versus later.  And I truly believe every bride is beautiful but there are certain things I want to do.
1. I want to be healthy, this has been and always will be my main goal.
2.  I want to finish my goal of losing a few more pounds, I am already half way there and it is for health more than anything (I was feeling blah)
3. I want to have the well defined but not too masculine arms and back.  You know the parts of me I will be showing off that day.  (oh and abs since I will be in a sari).
4.  And still want to find a marathon

Ok now that I have goals I just need to work a bit more how on to get there.  I know the running part will take care of the weight and health.  It will also help me with that whole marathon thing.  Now just to get the rest of my body ready to say "I do".  I will be blogging my progress and how the workouts are going.  And in the 5 minutes of google I realized there are about a zillion workout plans for the "bride to be" - I won't do them all but may pick and choose what I feel will be most effective for my body.  Check back to see how my progress goes and where my focus is :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring is here...I must run

Ok so maybe it isn't officially spring yet and New England weather does change by the minute but it is warmer and the snow is melting.  In fact it was over 50 degrees today!  This means I am out of excuses and it is time to run again - YAY!  Except starting to run again is miserable.  You suddenly remember how the starting process hurts, how you feel fatigued easily and wish you were back to the point where you took running 5-10 miles for granted.
This morning my run was only 3.2 miles and was definitely on the slower side but I ran up and down the hills of Worcester and completed my run.  As much as I dislike the "start" of training I love the way running makes me feel.  I love the convince of going for a run - stepping out my door vs having to drive somewhere.  Now to finish up my yoga and keep running.  Next will be picking my next Marathon - it's time I start working on Marathon #9!