Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday April 18th, expo trip #2

I learned half way through the week a small group from my team were planning on doing a 2 mile run to be followed by a trip to the expo. I didn't want to be left out so I figured why not go twice?! We all met up at Jenny and Megan's apartment and headed out for a short 2 mile jog along the river. Ok so my jog was a little fast when I thought running with Greg was a great idea (aka Fast Guy) but that's ok. The expo was a lot of fun, especially being with so many people who have never done this before. After the expo we all headed home to rest for the afternoon before team dinner. We had our team pasta dinner tonight at Jamie's house. Jamie is not running Boston this year as she is too busy coaching a group of at risk high school students to their first marathon 2 weeks after Boston. (stay tuned to the blog after the marathon for more information about this group they are amazing!)
We had good food, lot's of laughs and of course speeches by Coach Duncan and Vic. There was a DVD of pictures of us throughout the year, most of which caused us laughter and remembering how cold we were!!! Tonight is the night of sleep for the marathon so soon I will be heading that way but before I do....
Jess Zacka has been a member of Forever Fit since I started working there two years ago, she was quite and never really said a lot to me until she started training for the marathon with us. Unfortunetly she has suffered a stress fracture in both of her shins and will be on the sidelines cheering us on tomorrow.
Two weeks and 2 days ago I was on the phone with Bob and he was whining because he felt like he had a fever. Unforutnetly not only did he have a fever but he has been miserable sick from a virus ever since. Bob will not be running the Boston marathon with us this year as he is at home trying to get healthy. It is hard to believe that this will be my first marathon without him! But that's ok, we are already bickering about my finishing time (you know I need to run faster now just to prove him wrong!!) Feel better Captain Bob!!
I am off until Monday. Please wish me luck and follow my progress at bib #26209

Friday April 17th, 2009 Time To Get My Number

Today I met Emily at her place, picked her up and we headed in to get our Marathon numbers. Emily and I picked up our numbers with our bags with all of our information. We wandered around for a while running into other teammates and marathon buddies. So much excitement!!!

Go to and my bib number is 26209 to track my progress

Monday, April 13, 2009

Saturday March 28th - The 2009 Charity Run!

Today was the famous Charity Run. For those of you who are not familiar let me explain. As you know there are several charities in the area that have people running the Boston Marathon on their behalf and running for their cause. All of these charities are very important with an important story to tell, every single one of these runners also have an important story to tell. If you ever meet someone who runs for a charity - ask why....they have an important story. On the longest Saturday training run of the year several of these charity teams head out to Hopkinton to the Boston Marathon Start line on bus to run back in. (Although the BAA does not love this race I believe it is the only one sanctioned charities are "allowed" to do from Hopkinton).
I was up very early to meet Christie out at the mile 16 marker to park my car, as my longest run this training season is 16 miles and needed a ride home once I got there. She and I then headed into BC to park her car and meet our teammates at the bus. We were greeted by Vic wearing a fat women's costume dressed in her Hawaiian attire and a bright green wig! Yup - our team is one of a kind. We each checked in and got on the bus. Bab's was there to provide water support, Bab's and I have run 2 Boston Marathon's together and I miss having her on the team. Also providing support was Pete who was on my first marathon team. Alway
s wonderful to see familiar faces.
Our Lovely Waterstop Crew

We got out to Hopkinton, with only one stop at the rest stop on the way, and gathered around the start line for a picture.

Emily and I found eachother to start, out goal being to run the entire thing together. Hopefully with the help of my watch and eachother we would stay on a targeted pace. Coach Duncan wanted me/us to take it on the slower side....we did our best at this.
Emily and I had a great run that day! We ran 16 miles talking the entire time and keeping a wonderful pace. I hope we have this much fun on Marathon Monday. The weather warmed up as the sun came out and I was down to a tank top at one point. :) I picked up my car at mile 16 and then proceeded to pick up Emily at Mile 18!
Run Info:
Distance: 16.06 miles
Course: Marathon route - starting in Hopkinton
Overall Time: 2:34:34
  • Mile 1 9:56
  • Mile 2 9:30
  • Mile 3 10:00
  • Mile 4 9:37
  • Mile 5 9:31
  • Mile 6 9:56
  • Mile 7 9:44
  • Mile 8 8:45
  • Mile 9 10:15
  • Mile 10 9:21
  • Mile 11 9:26
  • Mile 12 9:46
  • Mile 13 9:18
  • Mile 14 9:36
  • Mile 15 9:54
  • Mile 16 9:35
Average Pace: 9:37 min/mi

Thursday March 26th

Today was yet again another light day for me. We have our longest run of the training season on Saturday and I still don't feel well. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to hopefully get on something for this sinus infection. :(
Distance: 4.0mi
Time: unknown
Course: out to the marathon course and back

Tuesday March 24th - Just to keep those legs moving

Today was a day where I needed to fit in a run just to keep my legs moving. This is a crazy busy week for me between training and school and my fundraising party! I have the charity run on Saturday starting out in Hopkinton and then my big Luau for Arthritis Saturday night. I also think I may be fighting a sinus infection.
Today I hit the river run doing 4.5 miles at a slow jog without my watch. I enjoyed my time alone with my running and ipod.

Monday March 23rd...working for a rock solid core!!

Today is a cross training day and I have been slacking on my strength training lately. I got in a great core strengthening workout in today.

4x25 bicycle crunches
4x25 supermans (I don't know...that's what Jamie always called them)
4x25 bench crunches with 5lb weight between feet
4x25 single leg raises per leg
4x25 scissor kicks
of course side laying planks :)