Wednesday, March 10, 2010

so I"m WAAAAYYYY behind

Ok so I haven't been posting but I have been training. I do miss updating on here though! Most of the time I am just lucky to remember my own name or anything of that sort (at one point I found my cell phone in the refridgerator!!) But I am in nursing school, surviving, training and of course working 2 jobs.
Since I have started my semester I have had some wonderful new ladies enter my life that have become very good friends of mine and I don't know how to function without. One of them is a fun little chick who is 19, often makes me feel old but has the "I want to run a marathon, that would be the coolest thing ever" fun amazement going on. She was apparently a sprinter before but has run as far as 7 miles. Lauren now has a copy of my marathon training schedule and every day she texts me the workout she did - then asking if it is really acceptable? I re-assure it is and remember how much fun training really is. That first marathon, there is nothing like it but so terrifying at the same time! I have Lauren texting me and I feel I need to lead by example and answer to her and everyone else in my life. I am back to blogging my workout.

Distance: 3.0mi
Course: Around the Charles River
Time: Didn't wear a watch!!!!
Great run in beautiful spring weather