Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday August 11th 2009

Today was a short are the Stats:

Total Distance: 2.27 mi
Total Time: 22:41.74
Average Pace: 9:59/mi

Saturday August 8th 2009: 8 miles of Good Times

This morning I went to Forever Fit to meet up with the teammates to run along the Charles River.

Ok so I must confess it is several days later and I am just getting around to posting this...I am working on doing better. So in general look below!

Run Info:
Total Distance: 8.0 mi
Course: Charles River...Cambridge Side
Total Time: 1:17.54
  • Mile 1 9:31.37
  • Mile 2 9:26.67
  • Mile 3 9:38.43
  • Mile 4 9:43
  • Mile 5 10:21.15
  • Mile 6 7:47.97 & 1:31.05
  • Mile 7 10:02.28
  • Mile 8 9:48.16
Average Pace: 9:33/mi

Thursday August 6th 2009: And It's A Pass

Ok so this post is not a training run or a lift BUT I passed my Anatomy & Physiology CLEP today so that is all that matters!!!!

Wednesday August 5th, 2009: Running Out Away From Anatomy & Physiology

Ok for those who do not know I am working to test out of 2 classes this summer...Anatomy & Physiology and Microbiology. I arrived home my vacation to Texas late last night but needed to fit in a very short run somewhere along the way today. So it didn't happen until tonight but I got something in. I did about 3.0mi, just enough to try and run some of the nervous about my exam tomorrow morning out of my system. Everybody keep your fingers crossed that I pass my exam tomorrow!!!

Saturday August 1st, 2009: Running In Portland Texas

So here I am on vacation and I have already been to a Stroller Striders class and then this morning I went and had to fit in a longer run. I set my alarm for early so I could start my alarm for around 6:30AM so I could get in my 6miles before the heat was too much. I got myself together along with my fuel belt and went off to explore the area during my 6 mile run. The beginning on this run was a struggle for me as my legs were dead (probably from Melissa and her damn lunges) but I got over the first half and continued on my way. It was fun to run somewhere new...I was very proud to get my run in during my vacation.

Run Info:
Course: all around Portland, Texas
Distance: 6.0 mi
Time: 1:03:13
  • Mile 1 10:35.16
  • Mile 2&3 23:03.12
  • Mile 4 11:15.08
  • Mile 5 9:44.38
  • Mile 6 8:40.60

Friday July 31st, 2009: Stroller Striders

So here I am on vacation visiting one of my cross-country teammates from college and I am working on fitting in my workouts! Melissa is a Stroller Striders instructor so off to class we went. Although I may not have done much for my cardio workout I believe I will be cursing Melissa out for a while to come due to the squats, pin wheel lunges and core strengthening! But what a wonderful time I had with her.

Tuesday July 28th, 2009

So the watch didn't come with me today....I just ran until I didn't feel like it. I would say it was somewhere around 3.0 miles maybe a little more. I just needed to run studying Anatomy & Physiology out of my system....