Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tuesday June 23rd 2009: Making up for yesteday

So yesterday's lift didn't happen and I can't seem to get myself quite back into the routine I need. Today I ran 3miles and then went to Group Power with Alicia. I was told after class I need to put more weight on my bar (ugh it was hard enough as it was!). But I do have to say I am feeling the workout.
I don't have any of my information for my run as my Garmin Running watch is MIA and apparently never to be seen again. :(

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday June 22nd 2009: Hmmmm today didn't happen

So my plan today was to do strength training. I spent Father's day with my Dad enjoying some necessary R&R. I worked all day today, covering for both myself and a co-worker and by the time we had done all we did and 2100 rolled around I found I had little interest in going to do my workout.
Hmmm.....this is a problem.
I decided to go home and rest as that is what my body was craving. Tomorrow I am going to go for a run and then take Group Power with Alicia. Although first thing on my list....go tear my car apart and see if I can find my Garmin running watch!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Time To Start Again....

Ok I know I haven't updated my Boston Marathon 2009 Post yet and I will get there. There have been lot's of ups and downs in my life but it is time to start training again. I have not figured out what I am exactly training for but will get there.
In this past week I ran 3 miles on Tuesday, did a cable workout with Brian on Wednesday (I was still having choice words for him through Friday), another 3 miles on Thursday, Friday was straight up Core Strengthening and then Saturday was about 4miles.
I have mis-placed my Garmin running watch (and am not pleased about it) which is making it a little more difficult to keep my runs honest. My goal this week is to either find my watch or suck it up and purchase a new one.
I will be updating my blog again and I have been doing my workouts on Twitter.