Saturday, February 23, 2013

And then there is being sick...

I managed to fight it off throughout my last semester of school and during my studying for the NCLEX but finally the outside world won and I got sick.  I am very aware of doing everything you are supposed to do and try my best (wash hands, drink plenty of fluids, eat a healthy diet...the whole enough sleep thing well I'm working on that now).
I woke up Thursday with sinus's that wanted to explode but decided to head to yoga anyways.  I ended up feeling better after the yoga class which is always a good sign.  Unfortunately by the end of work Thursday night I was feeling very run down and exhausted.  The next question always is - do I train when I'm sick?  My girlfriend Laura has the general rule of thumb - above the neck it's go ahead and train, below the neck take time off but if there is a fever involved that's another whole ball game.  Can I sweat out a fever?  After some research and listening to my body it was the distinct conclusion of rest is best.  So yoga was out yesterday, tried to find the motivation for calisthenics but that didn't happen either.  There is just more sleep today and hoping to get back to training hard next week.  This is not helping me with my cause to working out and getting in shape with my 2 virtual partners (we never have time to train together but are definitely keeping each other on track).  The only good news is no food looks good to me so I'm not too worried about staying in my calorie range.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Birkram Yoga

A while ago I purchased 10 classes of Bikram Yoga on groupon and now that NCLEX and nursing school are finally over I realized it was time for me to get there.  When I went I changed over to a 30 days special they are running for new students and set up for my first class.  
First things first - if you have never done this type of yoga it is crazy hot in there!  I was sweating just sitting there.  And I was going to do yoga for the next 90 minutes in there?!  As it turns out the heat is manageable but you are absolutely exhausted after this.  For anyone who knows me I have a very hard time finding anything that will keep my attention for 90 minutes and not get bored or try to do 3 other things at the same time.  I only found myself looking at the clock once and going "seriously we've only been at this for 40 minutes" and then next thing I knew we only had 5 minutes to go!
I enjoyed it enough that I signed up for day 2's class right away and was back the next morning for it.  Unfortunately day 3 was off since I am fighting some sort of illness but cannot wait to go back for another class.

Monday, February 18, 2013

3 feet of snow and no marathon to train for

It's been a while since I have posted anything but to be honest it has been a while since 1. I have been in regular marathon training and 2. since I have gone for a run.  This is my second winter in the past 10 years that I am NOT training for the Boston Marathon.  I miss is more and more everyday which tells me that my marathon training is not gone forever.  In the meantime school and passing my NCLEX have been my focus.  With all of that out of my way I am now in charge of trying to get back in shape.  Here's my next dilemia - there is a large amount of snow on the ground in Worcester and apparently they do not believe in clearing their side walks there.  Unlike when I was living in Newton there is no carriage road to run on here either.  (and according to the significant other there is some concern about my safety).
My main motivation is agreeing to be a fitness buddy with my good friend Mirjana in her quest to be consistent in her high gear workout plan for the next 30+ days in her attempt to be ready for wedding dress fittings.  Since I'm not running it's hard core cross training time.  And I haven't even bothered to join a gym since I know how very uninterested I am in going to a gym.  So I am back to blogging and recording my workouts and didn't see the point in starting a new blog to talk about my workouts since someday all of this will bring me back to running marathons.
I am on day 2 of tracking my food intake on the app "myfitnesspal" (free and an amazing app) and my workouts which yesterday was 20 min of cardio kickboxing, today 22 min circuit training and 15 min of calisthenics.
Here's to being in shape - after all I have all the free time in the world until I find a nursing job!