Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's an AB's day!

Today was Ab Ripper X!!!!  Um yeah at some point this workout is gonna hurt like hell but it had to happen.  No running still and the IT band was super tight yesterday after 16 hours of running at work.  No upper body workout today which is no good but come Monday I'm gonna hit it hard.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

No running????

Yup I have been without running for a week now and basically am miserable and cranky!  I am trying to stay motivated with cross training - core and upper body only workouts but well it's hard.  I'm finding it's a lot harder to fit in the cross-training while working crazy hours than it is the runs.  Oh well hopefully this will get me into routine for when school starts up again.
Oh and since I was told no running I picked a fall marathon.  (Isn't that what everyone does???).  Assuming I am cleared to run soon I will be running the Manchester Marathon in NH on Sunday November 7th.  In the meantime after the threat of bodily harm I am resisting the urge to just go run anyways and working on making that upper body & core as tight as possible!
Oh and after today's P90X workout not sure how I'm going to lift any patient's tomorrow!!!